HVAC system cleaning

The cleaning of central climate systems includes twelve different procedural stages that are implemented by specialized equipment and certified  NADCA technicians.

NADCA is an international certification association for air duct cleaners. Based on the regulations and directions  BMS Technologies Hellas follows, our HVAC system cleaning significantly improves indoor air quality for your organization, maximizes your system's output, making its mechanical parts more cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

BMS Technologies Hellas is the only certified by NADCA company in Greece specializing in air duct cleaning. Quality and results are assured through photographic validation of our cleaning process, in conjunction with project reports, and follow-up notes if needed improvements or technical problems are noted.

HVAC system disinfection

The quality of indoor air can easily and quickly be infected by bacterial microorganisms because of poor maintenance of HVAC systems, including delayed filter changing, or frequent temperature adjustments between hot and cold air.

BMS Technologies Hellas, following the guidelines and regulations of NADCA, uses customized safe chemical agents for the disinfection of HVAC systems, agents that are manufactured under strict standards and certified by the Greek National Drug Organization (Ε.Ο.Φ.), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

BMS Technologies Hellas is the only air duct cleaning company in Greece that does not use common chemical disinfectants that are prohibited internationally for use in air duct cleaning. BMS Technologies Hellas also incorporates into the disinfection process safety procedures and standards for its technicians and to prevent the spread of cleaning agents to surrounding areas.

HVAC system inspection with digital technology and photo validation

Using digital photographic and video technology, trained technicians  BMS Technologies Hellas are able to offer you validation of the quality and outcome of their work with comprehensive actual images from the inside of your air ducts and HVAC system.

In some cases when it is difficult to access the inside of air ducts for photo validation, BMS Technologies Hellas uses a digital robotic device to reach and record such areas. In combination with project reports, this material can be archived and accessed as necessary to keep track of the condition of HVAC systems and their on going cleaning and maintenance needs.

Exhaust system cleaning

Residue and dust when combined with humidity make exhaust systems less efficient by reducing airflow. Manufacturing exhaust systems with central burners, and production-line exhausts, are especially vulnerable to poor maintenance, and must be in excellent condition for maximum efficiency.

BMS Technologies Hellas handles the cleaning of exhaust systems professionally, helping your company avoid dysfunctions and costly repairs, saving you both time and money.

Climate system deodorization

BMS Technologies Hellas also helps tackle odors with its cleaning methods and specialized equipment. Using customized deodorization machinery, we quickly eliminate smells stemming from cigarette smoke, kitchen cooking oils, and other sources.

BMS Technologies Hellas using a combination of mechanical devices and environmentally safe chemical processes assures full deodorization without odors reoccurring. This is a result of having fully penetrated all areas of the air duct system and finding the source.

Maintenance of dry-cleaning air ducts and dryer vent cleaning

The air duct system and dryer vents of professional dry-cleaners must be cleaned periodically to prevent it becoming a fire hazard. A significant number of fires have been recorded at dry-cleaners due to poor maintenance when a large quantity of chemical cleaning agents have accumulated in the inside and outside surfaces of ductwork, preventing exhaust systems from working properly.

BMS Technologies Hellas created an audit and cleaning service with trained personnel, who together with the appropriate equipment, prevents any chance of dysfunction or fire. Following the three basic steps of auditing, cleaning, and certification, BMS Technologies Hellas ensures that exhaust systems are functioning continuously at maximum efficiency and safety.

Construction Debris Control

Large amounts of dust and pollutants circulate in new buildings and construction sites, collecting in air ducts and closed spaces. Cleaning construction debris and filtering the air with specialized machinery keeps pollutants at bay and away from surrounding areas, thus keeping the work environment safe for employees and visitors.

BMS Technologies Hellas creates the conditions for safe management, collection and removal of pollutants, helping to prevent their spread.

Filter quality inspection

The filtering of outdoor air in HVAC systems is very important to the quality of indoor air. Regular inspections and replacement of the filters increases the life of your HVAC system and its mechanical parts, and helps reduce energy consumption. European guideline EN 13779 regulates the recommended replacement time of filters by type and frequency of use.

BMS Technologies Hellas has specialized technicians trained in quality assurance who know to replace climate system filters with correct types of good quality, thus maintaining top performance and superior indoor air quality.

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