Fire and Smoke Disaster Recovery Services

Facilities restoration

The key to building restoration after a fire is quick action and the correct approach from beginning to end so as to address even the most hidden damage invisible to an inexperienced eye.

BMS Technologies Hellas is the only certified company in Greece trained in damage recovery that is able to professionally control, evaluate and effectively address the five basic steps in damage recovery of building facilities (factories, hospitals, offices, yachts, residences).

  • Evaluation of impact level of fire damage on building and contents
  • Smoke removal
  • Erosion limitation
  • Building and content restoration
  • Deodorization

The professional approach of BMS Technologies Hellas guarantees continuous restoration because time is of the essence in assuring the most effective restoration after a fire.

Contents restoration

What is a room without its furnishings? A factory without its machinery?

BMS Technologies Hellas takes on restoring contents, machinery and equipment at the same time with facilities and building material restoration, saving you time and money. We understand and help you get the business up and running in the shortest possible time.

BMS Technologies Hellas assumes inventorying and storing on or off the fire-damaged premises, all contents and equipment. We help restore electronic equipment and machine parts to their original condition, with our specialized equipment and chemical solutions that prevent erosion of metal parts even if they have rust damage.

BMS Technologies Hellas also coordinates the removal of burned materials that stand in the way of restoration.

Our services include restoration of:

  • Wooden furniture - Upholstered furniture
  • Electronics and electrical equipment
  • Machinery
  • Works of art
  • Office equipment
  • Books, documents and files

Recovery of electronics and electronic equipment

Today, electronic systems are the heart and soul of most companies. Damage due to any source can cause long-term wounds, threatening capital investments, severe work stoppages, and loss of significant clients critical to the business.

BMS Technologies Hellas has the technical expertise and experience to guide you through a full recovery of even the most state-of-the-art electrical systems. Recovery costs are usually only a small percent of replacement costs. Also, the delivery and installation time necessary for new electronic equipment can last for months, putting a company in danger.

BMS Technologies Hellas focuses on minimizing system down time and on reducing costs. That is why we are available on a 24-hour basis to be able to deal with all emergencies. Fast action is critical to efficient and effective recovery.

Deodorization of interiors and contents

BMS Technologies Hellas is a pioneer of specialized equipment for deodorization after a fire. This combination of state-of the-art equipment and trained technicians helps prevent odors from circulating after a fire and penetrating vulnerable surfaces and materials such as wooden floors, furniture, cloth curtains and fiber carpets.

Deodorization combined with the cleaning services BMS Technologies Hellas, helps restore the quality of indoor air.

Damage restoration available on a 24-hr basis.

Damage restoration for yachts and sea-going vessels

Unexpected material damage happens every day, but immediate restoration saves time and money in the long-run. Yachts belong to a special category and for their restoration from any kind of damage, special equipment and chemicals are needed as well as technical know-how and experience. Most important of all, personal service and attention to detail are necessary preconditions.

BMS Technologies Hellas knows and can

We have experience in:

  • Water drainage
  • Dehumidification
  • Deodorization
  • Living area cleaning and restoration
  • Wallpaper restoration
  • Carpet disinfecting
  • Restoration of eroded electronic equipment

 We have specialized equipment for:

  • Dehumidification
  • Deodorization

 We have special chemicals for:

  • Desalinization - removal of salt and salty films from materials soaked by seawater.
  • Removal of any foreign substance that has penetrated surfaces.
  • Returning shine to wooden surfaces
  • Limiting rust and erosion on any metal surface

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Restoring damaged as if it never happened!

The recognized services of BMS Technologies Hellas are accepted by insurance companies