Cleaning of kitchen ventilation systems

Greasy cooking oils are sucked up into the hoods, pass through the filters leaving a sticky film, and enter the air ducts that lead up to the heart of the ventilation system on the roof. This grease is extremely flammable and a small spark can set it off. Within seconds, it can spread throughout the ventilation canals causing major infrastructural damage, and even loss of lives.

The owner of the ventilation system has the main responsibility for ensuring that the system is well maintained, safe and clean.

It is also important to note that very greasy systems make the vents work inefficiently, consuming more electrical power for less output. When this happens, the odor penetrates the seating areas.

BMS Technologies Hellas takes on the maintenance of your entire kitchen ventilation system, not only cleaning the grease in the hoods, but also the entire air duct system and ventilation motor. Our goal is that all health and safety regulations are followed, and that is why we feel confident issuing a certificate of cleaning and maintenance after this is done. We also provide you with before and after pictures of the inside of your air ducts to see our work.

BMS Technologies Hellas is different from the competition, because of our professional approach, our competitive pricing, our international certification by NADCA (National Air Ducts Cleaning Association), and our follow-up.

Professional kitchen equipment and production area cleaning

As every restaurant owner knows, the working area and equipment in professional kitchens can get very dirty and the grease can collect to the point that it hardens and is very hard to get rid of.

BMS Technologies Hellas cleans all kitchen equipment and surfaces using environmentally friendly degreasing solutions, high-pressure steam-cleaners and special air duct cleaning machinery. Our goal is a cleaner and safer professional kitchen for your business.

Ovens, Grills, Cook-Top Grids, Fryers, Refrigerators, Freezers.

Preparation for certification

BMS Technologies Hellas helps you to prepare for certification and healthy and safety checks by regulators and certification agencies. We help you deep-clean food preparation premises thoroughly in advance.

From roof-top to cook-top, we clean the entire system! your social media marketing partner