Pumping out flood water

Common suction pumps such as those used by fire departments are able to extract large volumes of water, but their effectiveness ends when it comes to the last 5 to 8 centimeters on the floor. The result is that a large amount of water and humidity remains in an environment devastated by flood, fire or damaged networks. With specially patented pumps and suctions  BMS Technologies Hellas can assure full extraction of all water.

Dehumidification of rooms and contents

After a flood, structural materials such as walls and flooring, as well as room contents, absorb and retain water. In a short period of time, damage results from the erosion caused. Quick action with special dehumidifiers can facilitate recovery. BMS Technologies Hellas has all the required machinery necessary to return humidity levels to normal.

Dehumidification of wood flooring

BMS Technologies Hellas has specialized equipment for drying and salvaging wood flooring affected by flooding.

Humidity measurement

BMS Technologies Hellas can detect, measure and control humidity levels in building facilities and structural materials with the relevant instruments.

Cleaning of spaces and contents

After a flood and the extraction of water, the trained staff BMS Technologies Hellas is also able to handle the cleaning of interiors and contents with specialized equipment

Deodorization - Dehumidification

In many instances, for full recovery after flooding, deodorization and dehumidification is necessary.

BMS Technologies Hellas possesses the required equipment and know-how to handle this problem for you after damage recovery.

Specialized services for damage recovery after a flood

  • Contents restoration (furniture, carpets, rugs, artwork,raw materials, computers, fax, photocopiers, files, books, documents, c.d.) 
  • Deodorization
  • Minimizing erosion
  • Prevention of further content erosion including metal restoration
  • Returning humidity measurements to normal levels.
  • Mold and bacteria prevention.
  • Packaging and inventory of contents. 

Damage restoration available on a 24-hr basis.

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Restoring damaged as if it never happened!

The recognized services of BMS Technologies Hellas are accepted by insurance companies